Monday, June 9, 2014

Blog Pause - Traveling To Jordan!

It's time for a little pause in the blog. I'm headed off tomorrow to Jordan in the Middle East with a good friend of mine from school, to stay with his family for a few weeks. I will be there until June 28th, when I arrive back in the United States. 

On the way over, I'm flying the following routes (I've included links to flightaware tracking so you can see where we are, live!): 
  • Washington IAD - Amsterdam AMS (KLM A333): KLM652
  • Amsterdam AMS - Amman AMM (RJ A320): RJ152
  • Amman AMM - Aqaba AQA (RJ E170): RJ302

Experiencing Jordan and the Middle East for the first time should be pretty amazing. I can't wait to see and experience some pretty unique things while we are there! 

And best yet, when I'm in Jordan, I'll have the opportunity to experience flying in the Middle East with Ayla Aviation Academy. I'll be flying with an instructor out of King Hussein Airport, Aqaba in a DiamondStar DA40 over the area, which should be incredible! 

Stay tuned for more when I get back, it should be amazing! I'll have tons of videos and photos to share soon :) 

Thanks for reading,
Swayne Martin 
-Twitter: @MartinsAviation

Saturday, June 7, 2014

First Flight With My Mom

With school being so busy, I still hadn't gone flying with my mom... until now! She had flown in the plane with me before, but when I was with an instructor. So this was truly the first time we had ever really flown together. 

It's actually really fun flying with mom because she isn't a pilot. It's one of the few times as a teenager that my mom hasn't had any advice for me! She told me afterwards that it was a completely strange feeling for her, putting her life into my hands. Sure, in a car I'm in control too, but she can always grab the wheel. It would probably be a little bit difficult to learn how to fly in an instant! 

So since I received my PPL, I hadn't yet flown with a parent solo. I was in all honesty pretty nervous, having the life of someone you love in your hands is a tremendous responsibility. 

Here is a short clip of our takeoff that my mom recorded on her iPhone: 

As is typical with summer weather, it was pretty bumpy. The plan was to fly around for a little over an hour, around Richmond, Jamestown, to the James River, and back. After flying over our house and school, I decided to cut the flight short and head back. It was beginning to be uncomfortably bumpy... No use in wasting time and money on an unpleasant experience! It was still a fun flight though, here are some pictures: 

Our route of flight is shown below via CloudAhoy (I recorded it on my iPad, using my external XGPS160): 

After such a bumpy flight, I was a little concerned that it would be a windy, rough landing. On final approach it was gusty, but nothing too bad. And then... We greased the landing, making an awesome ending to a turbulent flight! My mom said "I've never felt such a smooth landing, not even on commercial planes." ... Thanks, Mom! 

Hopefully we will go flying again soon, just for a little longer next time!

Thanks for reading,
-Swayne Martin
Twitter: @MartinsAviation