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Dozens of aviators have written in from around the world sharing their flight experiences, how they got into flying, and favorite memories. Share your story and promote your blog, website, book, social media, etc. Acquire new twitter followers and put yourself out there. Write in and share your story!

The goal of this section is to show aspiring aviators the diverse range of careers available to them. By sharing your story, you might inspire someone to look into a career they hadn't previously thought of.

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Here is a list chronologically (first to most recent) of all the "Share Your Story" Posts to date: 
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  5. Ben Davison: PPL Holder
  6. Doug Haddaway: Fedex Feeder C208B Pilot, Author
  7. Kreg Anderson: 18, PPL Minnesota
  8. Matt Dearden: Indonesian Bush Pilot, Blogger, Video Host
  9. Cecil Mullins: Author, Boeing 727 and 707 Pilot, African Bush Pilot
  10. David Lynn: Air Force C-130 CSO
  11. Earl Moorhouse: Lufthansa Flight 540 Survivor, Author
  12. Owen Zupp: Boeing 737 Pilot, Bestselling Author
  13. Ian Taggart: Flybe Dash-8 Q400 Pilot
  14. Brandon Desjardins: Current Air Canada Employee, Future Pilot
  15. Jeff Ashburn: Boeing 777-(200/300) Pilot, American Airlines
  16. Justin Campbell: Army Veteran, Pilot in Training
  17. Brian (The Renewed Pilot): Virgin America A320 Pilot
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  23. Fred Roy: Future Canadian Air Force Pilot
  24. Mary Ann Laverty: The Life of an International Flight Attendant
  25. Ben Hall: British Paralympian and Etihad A320 Pilot
  26. Callum Davies: Student Pilot, Manchester England
  27. Sean McCusker: Student Pilot, Isle of Man
  28. Sarina Houston: Aviation Writer, ERAU Graduate
  29. Tom Thorne: Student Pilot, New Zealand
  30. Trevor Smith: Private Pilot - Piedmont NC
  31. Chris Evans: Student Pilot (KCMA)
  32. Briggs Christie: Flying in Hawaii
  33. Haley Howard: 19 Year Old Professional Pilot/Flight Instructor
  34. Chris Horak: Future Air Force Pilot


  1. Hello everyone,

    My name is Travis Shea and I am a private pilot student in Hampton Roads, VA learning in a Cessna 172. What drove me toward an interest in aviation was a very dry, non stimulating job that I spent five years doing in the navy. I wanted to do something fun and challenging, bouncing from ideas like commercial diving, merchant sailing and eventually deciding on pursuing flying. I am leaving town for loadmaster school for the AF reserve in a couple of weeks and am in a bit of a rush to get my private rating before then, and with a plan of continuing my flight training after my AF school. Swayne's blog along with one other are really my entire aviation social life. I don't have any pilot friends and my friends have very little interest in aviation. Blogs like this are a life saver for me in reading about lessons learned I may not have experienced yet.

    I'm also very excited to share that my first solo is scheduled for today, wind permitting. Thanks for the opportunity to share my story!

    Travis Shea

    1. Thanks for the comment! Love that you enjoy reading through the blog. For me, I have a pretty similar situation. I don't know too many people personally that know much about aviation. It's an awesome thing to be able to connect with people from around the world via the blog.

      Best of luck on your solo flight today. I'd love to have you write a full share your story post about it if you want to. Here is an example:

      Thanks again,
      Swayne Martin


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