My Flight Training Videos

Here are some of my favorite videos, made during my flight training. More can be found on my youtube channel, MartinsAviation1

First Solo Flight: 

Timelapse Landings and Takeoffs, with music by Avicii: 

First Solo Cross Country Flight: 

First Glider Lesson, with Soar Truckee, in Lake Tahoe, California:

How to fly into Class C Airspace (radio calls included): 

First Glider Landing:

"A Year in the Life of a Student Pilot" 

Piper PA28 Warrior Flight over Gulf Shores, Alabama: 


  1. Hey I was just wondering how you financed your flight training. Did you parents pay for it?

    1. I paid for the initial $2,000 of it, and my parents helped with the rest.


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