Flight Training, Tips, and Advice

This page is a Table of Contents for any published posts about my own training. Navigation becomes easier here; allowing you to see what posts I have written specifically about my training. Click on the links to see a full post about the specific topic. 

Private Pilot Training:
  1. First Flight Lesson (Tecnam Sierra)  
  2. First Cessna 172 Lesson
  3. Pre-Solo (5th) Flight Lesson
  4. Planning My First Solo
  5. First Solo Flight + Video
  6. Second Solo + Time-lapse Video
  7. Flight Training Isn't All "Smooth Landings"
  8. First Dual Cross Country Flight
  9. First Instrument Flight Lesson/Training
  10. When You Can't Fly And Want To
  11. First Flight into a Towered Airport (Class D Airspace)
  12. My Plane Shipped Away to Florida
  13. Solo Cross Country Flight Training
  14. First "Off-Airport" Solo Flight
  15. First Solo Cross Country Flight (Hanover OFP to Farmville FVX)
  16. First Piper PA-28 Warrior Flight (Over Gulf Shores, AL)
  17. First Piper PA-32 Flight (Jack Edwards Airport JKA, Alabama)
  18. First Flight into Class C Airspace/Airport (Richmond KRIC)
  19. Departing Class C Airspace / How to Depart a Class C Airport
  20. First Cessna 150 Flight - into First Flight Airport, Kitty Hawk
  21. Maintaining Pilot Currency
  22. So What's Next? ... Over Halfway to Private Pilot!
  23. First Night Training Flight
  24. Passing the FAA PPL Written Exam
  25. My Long Solo Cross Country Flight (OFP-CHO-FVX-OFP)
  26. Flight Training Completed! - PPL Checkride Preparation


  1. Nice blog for new students. thanks.

  2. This Blog is great.
    I've started IFR training and may attempt to share my specific experiences in a similar fashion.

    1. Can't wait to see your own blog about your experiences! Make sure to let me know how it goes.

      -Swayne Martin

  3. Great Blog!! Brought back a lot of my pilot training memories in Australia. Keep it up and go all the way with it - you wont regret it for a minute.

    1. Thanks Michael! I've been loving every minute of it.



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