Friday, December 28, 2012

My First Flight Lesson

Today was really a turning point in my life. I took my first flight lesson today, being fortunate enough to have the experience of piloting a Tecnam Sierra around my city for an hour. It was the first time I have really piloted an aircraft. It was an amazing feeling for me, I would encourage anyone interested to go out for an intro flight at your local flight school. Personally, I can’t wait to get started on my PPL!

Flying in a commercial plane as a passenger is one thing, but being in control of the aircraft feels so much more special. It has become such commonplace for people to fly off to destinations around the world. Sitting in that little Sierra, I thought about what people would have given 110+ years ago to have this chance. Flying only a few thousand feet above the ground doesn’t seem like much by our standards today. Obviously to people long ago, it would’ve been life changing. I felt so calm being up there, and cherished every moment of it. My favorite part was definitely learning how to do 90 degree banking turns. Today we went over climbing+descending with a specific speed and set altitude, turning to a heading accurately, level turns, and steep turns without loosing/gaining altitude. The instructor told me towards the end that I was the PIC for over 90% of the time. He really only did the takeoff and landing. 

Today, I affirmed my passion for aviation and am proud to say that I can’t wait to make my own path and become a pilot. I think that this career path could be my niche, I am ready to go for it! For now though, I'll be just concentrating on getting my Private License. 

Many people I know, that go to my private school, end up becoming lawyers, doctors, businessmen, etc (all noble professions). Many end up staying in our home city for the majority of their lives; there is nothing wrong with that. I just can’t live that way. I love traveling, moving around, exploring, meeting new people, and seeing different parts of the world.  

A family friend of mine (who flies a Gulfstream IV) predicted that after I took my first lesson that: "I would be hooked and it would all be over" (in the sense that I would go after becoming a pilot as a career, no turning back). I can’t deny that this very thing happened to me today. In general I try my hardest to live my life without regrets. I know for a fact that if I do not at least give a flying career a shot, I WILL regret it forever. 

I have such supportive parents and friends, which makes beginning this process so much easier! After having had such a great experience today, I would encourage any of you to go out and take your passion to the next level. You will only regret the chances you didn't take! 

If you have ever had an interest in flying--I highly recommend that you go out and spend the $50-$100 necessary to take an intro flight. It’ll be worth the time and money. You will not regret it! 

Thanks to HOVA Flight Services for my first lesson! 


  1. Swayne, it brings tears to my eyes to see you pursuing your life long dream!

    "The adventure's still out there, son. You just gotta go find it. You're always a pioneer if you've never done it before."

    Do you realize that, with this very first lesson, you've achieved a goal that millions have only dreamed of?

    YOU GO FOR IT!!!!

    1. Thanks! I really appreciate it! I know it won't be easy getting there but I dont plan on giving up anytime soon!

      I WILL go for it :)

  2. hey swayne, This is your awesome photos.

  3. This is like reading an article about my life. A yer go, I took a trial lesson and got hooked. Today was my first lesson towards my PPL. There was no better feeling than today and like you, my dream. Good luck and go for t because you would regret it if you didn't give it a shot.

  4. hi Swayne your blog is too good. I am very happy to visit yours flight training

  5. Excelente blog man, keep those great pictures and flight reports coming!!

  6. Thanks for the encouraging blog on getting you're private airplane operating license.


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