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Flight Report: Delta 737-800 Las Vegas (LAS) to Salt Lake City (SLC)

After a nice 2 day stop in Las Vegas for a sunset Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour, it was time to head towards our final destination, Reno (Lake Tahoe, California). This flight, amazingly, was our only flight out West which had PTV's! Since we had been on the 757-300, the seats hadn't yet been updated. 

Delta Flight 790 Information:
  • Flight: Las Vegas Mccarran International Airport (LAS) to Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC)
  • Flight Time: 56 Minutes
  • Aircraft: Delta Air Lines Boeing 737-800 (N3571B)
  • Seat: 26D (window) 

Here is the video from our Las Vegas (LAS) takeoff. You can find more videos like this by clicking on my channel name, MartinsAviation1:

Taking off from Las Vegas was pretty cool. Banking to the right, we had a view of the strip with all of the casinos/hotels we has just been staying in. 

Flying towards Salt Lake City, we could the Grand Canyon in the distance. The window views on this flight were great. Here are some of the photos: 

Read more of this flight report + see more photos and videos by clicking below (ignore this if you're already on the full article)

Here is our route of flight, both shown from Flightaware and the PTV found at my seat: 

Descending into Salt Lake City, we had some great views of the mountains which surrounded the city. When you fly into an airport surrounded by mountains such as Las Vegas or Salt Lake, spoilers are used to descend quickly into the pattern, eliminating a need to fly close to mountains. Conversely, flaps are used when climbing, to get up and out of the mountains quickly. 

Coming in on final, our timing was perfect for a really great photo. This is by far one of my favorite window view shots that I have ever taken: 

Here is the video from our landing in Salt Lake City (SLC). You can find more videos like this by clicking on my channel name, MartinsAviation1:

Our next flight was to be on a Delta A320. We ended up landing and taxiing next to the plane we were to be on next. Here are some photos of that A320 which we flew on. (no trip report for that flight)

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