Sunday, September 15, 2013

Flight Report: Delta A320 Salt Lake City (SLC) to Detroit (DTW)

We we arrived in Salt Lake City after our flight from Reno, we boarded Delta Flight 1378 from SLC to ATL (757-300). Once seated, the flight attendants asked for 8 volunteers to get off the plane for either a $400 voucher and a later flight the same day, or a $600 voucher each and a flight the next morning. Since I was flying with my family, and we didn't have a rush to get home, we volunteered and thus each got a $600 Delta credit to use on future flights. The credit can be used only under my name, which guarantees me another flight somewhere cool! (the same goes for my family)

Getting bumped from our flight was actually a whole lot of fun. We left the airport with no bags, rented a car, and drove an hour outside of Salt Lake City, towards Deer Valley and Park City, Utah. We visited the Olympic Park and even took a summer bobsled ride down the mountain! That un-planned trip was a nice little gift! Delta booked us rooms overnight at the Radisson downtown and put us on a flight to Detroit the next morning. What an awesome deal, plus an extra day of vacation! 

Delta Flight 974 Information:
  • Flight: Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) to Detroit International Airport (DTW)
  • Flight Time: 2 Hours 50 Minutes
  • Aircraft: Delta Air Lines Airbus A320 (N337NW)
  • Seat: 26A (window, A320 last row) 

Here is the video of our Delta A320 (N337NW) taking off from Salt Lake City Airport (SLC). More videos like this can be found on my youtube channel, MartinsAviation1


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When we were re-booked onto this flight, there was only one row of 3 available for my family. They put us in the last row of the A320, which, on Delta, happens to be row 26. Luckily, you could still see a lot of the wing even from this far back. 

Here are photos and a map of our route, flying East towards Detroit: 

In the first photo below, you can see Virga, or rain falling from clouds before it it's the ground. In the second photo, you see a Delta 767-400 which turned parallel to us on final approach:

Here is the video of our Delta A320 (N337NW) landing in Detroit International Airport (DTW). More videos like this can be found on my youtube channel, MartinsAviation1

Our Delta A320 at Gate A74 in Detroit (DTW):

This was my first flight into Detroit DTW. I was honestly surprised at how nice the airport was. If you've never been there, it'll be a shocker going for the first time. With Detroit (the city) just going into Bankruptcy, it's shocking how nice the airport is. Terminal A is so long that it has it's own monorail system to get from one end to the other. Here are some photos from our quick stay in DTW:

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  1. Swayne, what a great way to take a vacation. Have them pay you for an extra day of fun. Glad you enjoyed it all! Next time I hope to be in the terminal...maybe on your flight!

    1. Thanks so much Karlene! I know right... what a great deal!!

      Hopefully will see you around sometime!,

  2. Wow! That's a very generous voucher.

    And Detroit certainly has a nice terminal; I love the fountain! It's certainly no hardship to have a layover there.

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