Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What's in Store for the New Year?

Happy New Years everyone! You got to see in my last article some of the amazing experiences I've had in the last year... how could I ever top them?! I know that this year, 2014, is going to be amazing in it's own ways. There are some pretty cool things I have in the works, including: 

  • Finally getting my Private Pilot's License
  • Flying around with friends and family as my passengers
  • Becoming proficient on new aircraft, specifically the Cessna 172 (so that I can fly with 2 more passengers) 
  • Flying a multi-engine plane (probably the Tecnam P2006) 
  • Acrobatic flying with OBX Airplanes in the Outer Banks (Jenny got a new plane for the fleet!)
  • Finding cool new ways to make videos while flying as a Private Pilot
  • etc... 

There's one thing in particular, I'm really excited about... a big announcement in regards to 2014. 

I was invited on the trip of a lifetime by a close friend of mine to visit Jordan, in the Middle East, this June! The friend joined my grade in school this year and will be graduating with us in 2015. He is from a city in Jordan named Aqaba, on the Red Sea, and has been living with a host family in the United States for over a year now. 

I can’t wait to experience an entire new area of the planet, the Middle East (technically Asia)! Some of the activities we are planning include: scuba diving in Aqaba, visiting the lost city of Petra, floating in the very salty Dead Sea, exploring Amman, and seeing some ancient Roman ruins in Jerash. 

I also managed to book some pretty cool flights on the way over and for the return. Many more "firsts" will come from this trip! My booked flight schedule is below: 
  • Washington IAD - Amsterdam AMS (KLM A330-330, first KLM and A330 and KLM flight!) 
  • Amsterdam AMS - Amman AMM (Royal Jordanian A319, first RJ flight!) 
  • Amman AMM - Aqaba AQA (Royal Jordanian E170) 
  • Amman AMM - Paris CDG (Air France A320)
  • Paris CDG - Atlanta ATL (Air France 747-400, first 747 flight!)  
  • Atlanta ATL - Washington IAD (Delta MD90) 

2013, you were an awesome year. 2014, the best is yet to come! 

Thanks for reading, 
-Swayne Martin 
Twitter: @MartinsAviation


  1. Replies
    1. I think it will be! I'll make sure to write lots about it.

  2. Congratulations on a GREAT year, and your planned '14 adventures!

    I had the great privilege to visit Jordan several years ago on a mission trip, specifically to the area called, Petra, where the cliff carvings are! It's a spectacular place to visit, and goes on and on and on...not just the sculpture or two you see in "Indiana Jone's Last Crusade!"

    Jordan is a way cool country and it sounds like you'll get much more opportunity to explored it than I did. Have fun, Swayne! :D

    1. Thanks for the comment! I can't wait to visit Petra, seems like an amazing world wonder.

      I'm going to be writing a lot about it, so make sure to check back in!


  3. Ohhhh Man! What a great year you have planned. An amazing trip and some great flying ahead! Enjoy every moment!!

    1. Thanks Karlene! I can't wait to finally see a new part of the world.

      I'll love it,


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