Thursday, February 13, 2014

Checkride Schedule Update

It's my 17th Birthday, which makes me eligible for my Pilot's License! As I expected, winter storm Pax messed up my plan for having the checkride today. With snow, rain, hail, icing, turbulence, lightning, and low ceilings, it's definitely NOT the most ideal day for flying! Check out some of the weather from Foreflight below: 

On the bright side, I woke up on my birthday to inches of snow, with school closed!!!

So as of now the PPL checkride has been pushed back to next Friday at 9am, let's hope it'll work out! Send your good vibes towards Richmond! 

I'll be back with more posts soon! Thanks for reading,
-Swayne Martin 
Twitter: @MartinsAviation

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  1. Happy Birthday, Swayne. So sorry that the winter interfered with your plans but I like that you were able to view the snow as a birthday gift. Best wishes for your 18th year and next Friday!


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