Monday, March 10, 2014

Airport Review: Lynchburg (KLYH), Virginia - A Sunset Landing

After flying into Falwell's "ski-slope" runway, we decided to make the quick 5 mile flight over to Lynchburg (Class D), for another stamp in our aviation passport! The flight was quick, but really cool to make right at sunset. An edited video of our flight with time-lapse footage, radio calls, and music is shown below. Check out my youtube channel, MartinsAviation1, for more videos like this: 

Lynchburg Regional Airport (Preston Glenn Field - KLYH) is a Class D airport located in Southwestern Virginia. Its sole commercial airline service is to Charlotte Douglas International Airport (KCLT) via US Airways Regional Carrier Bombardier Dash-8s or CRJs. It is also the home of the Liberty University's Aviation Program, with a very successful and fast-growing flight school. You can see some of their school planes in a photo below:  

Flying over Lynchburg at sunset couldn't have been nicer. The photo below was taken with my iPhone and is completely un-edited, the sunset was awesome! As you can see in our landing video below, there was a decent amount of traffic keeping the controller at KLYH busy: 

We shut down at the Virginia Aviation ramp to get a stamp for our passport at the FBO front desk: 

It was time to head back East to Hanover after the sun had gone down. Below is the video of our dusk takeoff from Lynchburg's Runway 22: 

Thanks for reading and watching!
-Swayne Martin 
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  1. This is so cool! I love the airport review!!! Come and review SeaTac and take me flying.

  2. Thanks, Karlene! I would love to go flying with you up in the Northwest... looks amazing!


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