Sunday, December 15, 2013

100,000 Views! (From Over 174 Countries!)

A huge milestone and personal goal of mine was just reached... the 100,000th view to this site! It has been a little under 1 year since I created this blog to document my flight training, showing what inspires me in aviation from the people I've met to the experiences I've had in aviation around the nation and world. 

Readers on "From Private to Professional Pilot" visit from over 174 countries, including every permanently habited continent on Earth. With visitors hailing anywhere from Uganda, to Mayotte, to Uzbekistan, I can never guess where the next reader might come from! To see some information about visitors to this blog, check out the following links for interactive maps and charts: 

Specific visitor details: Flag Counter

Below are images that show dots in varying size, each of which represent anywhere from 10-1,000+ visitors: 

It's such a gift to wake up in the morning to new emails from various corners of the earth, with inquiries about flight training, writing, and for some advice. I feel so new to aviation; it's humbling to have people reach out to ME of all people for advice! 

I've also been fortunate to connect directly with over 2,000 people on Twitter and on LinkedIn. Here are some ways you can connect directly with me:

Twitter: @MartinsAviation
Youtube: MartinsAviation1
LinkedIn: Swayne Martin

Thanks to all of my readers both inside and outside of the United States!
-Swayne Martin


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