Saturday, March 23, 2013

Flight Report: Delta 777-200LR [N702DN] LAX to ATL

One of the highlights of my recent spring break trip to Los Angeles was to be the return flight onboard Delta 777-200LR N702DN "The Spirit of Atlanta." I hadn't ever been on a Delta 777 before, so this was definitely a fun experience! 

Waking up early next to the Los Angeles Airport, I couldn't have gotten ready faster. I was so ready to see the plane we were about to fly on. We had such a great Spring Break vacation that it was kind of a bitter sweet goodbye. In a way, I was glad that the flight on the Triple 7 was going to happen at the end of our vacation so that I would have something to look forward to even when leaving and ending our Spring Break. 

Delta Flight 16 Information: 

  • Flight: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Atlanta Hartsfield International (ATL)
  • Flight Time: 4 Hours, 10 Minutes 
  • Aircraft: Delta 777-200LR [N702DN] "The Spirit of Atlanta" 
  • Seat: 52A (window) 

Our plane at the gate in Atlanta

It was nice flying on the Delta 777. I liked how large the cabin was, and the seats were very comfortable with the in-flight entertainment screens. I was impressed that I was flying on a plane which had just arrived from Sydney and was heading on from Atlanta to Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Flying over the beaches of Los Angeles and just a few minutes later flying over the snow covered mountains of the Sierra Nevadas was cool to see. 

The following video is a video of our takeoff from Los Angeles LAX, which can be found along with many other videos on my Youtube Channel: MartinsAviation1

The last economy cabin of our plane 

Flying over the Sierra Nevadas 

Moving map/our route from the personal IFE

Here is the video of our Delta 777-200LR landing at Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport (ALT). From my Youtube Channel: MartinsAviation1

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Swayne Martin
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  1. A great plane for sure. You know... it's amazing that you brought that up about where the plane had been and where it was going. Not many people wonder about that. And then I think... what about the people we meet. Do we wonder where they've been and where there are going? Interesting thought.

    1. Thanks Karlene! That's one of my favorite parts about travel and flying. I think about where people have come from and gone to, all sitting right where I am. Or looking around an airport and wondering where everyone is going and why. It's pretty stunning what air travel has done for us.

      Swayne Martin


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