Saturday, March 30, 2013

Flying to Williamsburg/Jamestown KJGG For Lunch (Cessna 172)

I was fortunate enough be contacted by a friend of mine who is in 8th Grade, at the same school, to go flying today. His father is an MD80 Captain with American Airlines. Their family owns a Cessna 172 and a Beechcraft Baron. The weather was nearly perfect today, sunny, clear, 60 degrees, and light winds. It was a bit turbulent in the air, but nothing too bad. 

The Cessna 172 (N278BD)

We arrived a Chesterfield Airport (KFCI) at about 11:30 today and decided we would take a flight East, following the James River, towards Williamsburg/Jamestown Airport (KJGG). My friend flew left seat for the first leg, his dad right seat, and me in the back. It was a lot of fun flying over the river and getting to know that area better. We flew over a spot where my friend and I used to go on father-son campouts, the Berkley Plantation. 

Departing Chesterfield

Coming down on our downwind at KJGG I noticed that this runway was smaller than anything I'd been on so far. It's a full 2,000 feet shorter than Hanover, where I normally fly out of. There was a lot of wind near the surface, so it was a bit bumpier coming down. 

Flying over the James River towards Jamestown

 Downwind into Jamestown KJGG

Final Approach at Williamsburg/Jamestown (KJGG)

After taxiing to the parking area, we hopped out and went over to the restaurant to get a nice lunch. This was my first "$100 Hamburger," as many pilots call it. It was a lot of fun eating on the patio of the restaurant. We got a little surprise when a sleek, fast, red, plane came in for a super fast, low pass over the runway for some photographers. It was really cool to see! 

At KJGG Williamsburg/Jamestown 

 The view from eating lunch :)

Our plane is the first

I was at the controls heading back to Chesterfield. Having been only my second time flying the 172, it was a bit of a learning curve getting used to the respons difference between the Tecnam and the Cessna. The Sierra feels light and responsive, let's just say it took a little more effort with the 172. After a less-than-great takeoff, we flew along the river once again, back to Chesterfield to do some pattern work. 

 Approaching Jamestown on the James River

This was the first non-Hanover landing for me! All of my training had been done at Hanover, so I was excited to be trying out another airport. Chesterfield is nice with a slightly longer and better paved runway. It has a lot more jet service than Hanover, which was cool to see. 

After we got the plane situated in it's hanger, we went over to check out the T-28 Trojan Hangar which was open. The owner of that amazing plane let us in, showed us all around the plane, and got us situated in the cockpit. The piston engine on that plane is incredible! So big! The T-28 was used primarily as a military trainer, Pre-Vietnam, During the war, it was used to do some Air to Ground combat roles. Sitting in the cockpit was amazing, such a cool aircraft. It felt like a personal fighter-jet. Its a ultra fast and heavy single engine piston aircraft which makes it pretty unique. Not many of there are around anymore! 

On our way out of the airport, we stopped to check out the 1946 Lockheed 18-56 C/N 2273. The last time it was flown was a year ago on a very short ferry flight from Richmond to Chesterfield. Cool to see! 

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend! 
Swayne Martin 
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  1. Swayne, what a great day and lots of fun! I'm thinking that $100 hamburger term needs to be switched to the $500 hamburger. But regardless of the price. Great fun. You know what they say... some things are priceless.

    American Airlines pilot? Did you tell him about my book Flight For Control? This story hits home for them more than anyone. For a multitude of reasons.

    Keep learning a variety of planes! It's great fun.

    1. Haha I agree, $100 is starting to sound a little low!

      I talked with him a lot about flying but never got around to mentioning your book. When I fly with him again I'll make sure to mention it! I'm sure he would enjoy it.

      Thanks! Yep its fun and definitely challenging. The plane yesterday was built in 1967 and not responsive at all, pretty hard to fly actually.

      Swayne Martin

  2. This is great Swayne...a quintessential aviation community experience. Nice looking old C172 as well. I don't own an airplane and rarely fly general aviation anymore (I actually enjoy it at least as much as flying for the airlines) but I'm lucky enough to have a good friend who does. Those $100 hamburger flights are my favorites!

    1. Thanks so much! Yeah the $100 hamburger is expensive but so worth it. They taste even better after the flight

  3. Bonjour from France! I am so proud of you. This is really cool. If you could fly which airline would you choose?


    1. I'd love to fly on Singapore Airlines someday



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