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Share Your Story: Ace Abbott, Author, F-4 Phantom and 727 Pilot

Welcome to the second "Share Your Story" post. Pilots from around the world write in to the blog featuring their flight experiences, promoting their blogs, websites, social media, etc. These posts show future aviators the diverse range of careers available to them. More details are here: Click Here and Get Involved

Ace Abbott (Allen Morris) spent his youth on a hardscrabble-farm in Upstate New York. Upon graduation from college at SUNY (Cortland) in 1965 he entered the U.S Air Force and became an F-4 Phantom fighter pilot based in the Far East. In 1971 he left the Air Force and became a Learjet charter pilot in South Florida. The next eight years he was a Learjet Captain in many diverse and challenging situations, including extensive operations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In 1980, through a fortuitous bounce of the airplane employment ball, he became a Boeing 727 Captain. The next 22 years, until mandatory retirement at age 60, Ace was employed as a 727 Captain with several airlines during the unstable airline post-deregulation era. His 727 experiences took him to most of the countries in Latin America, The Caribbean, and included an assignment to Cairo, Egypt and Malta. Ace retired in 2002 after travelling to 44 countries with 25 employer changes.

Ace has now returned to his roots in the scenic Finger Lakes of Central New York where he keeps busy with book marketing activities which include: book presentations at aviation events, airshows (including the Oshkosh Air Show as a featured author), fly-in pancake breakfast events, along with events at book clubs, libraries and book stores. He is a “snowbird” and spends his winters in Delray Beach, Florida where he also stays busy with book promotion activity. When The Rogue Aviator makes the NY Times best seller list he intends to return to the golf course.

Not only is Ace a successful pilot, but has had success as an author. His book, The Rouge Aviator has 31 reader reviews on Many of the reviews read "This book should be read by all aspiring pilots." 

Here is an excerpt from his novel: 


--“but his cadre of friends remained intact. The many conversations of aviation-related romantic nostalgia with former pilot friends would carry far more value than a sailboat excursion in Martinique—they inspired him to write this book!
       Ace, and many of his colleagues who also spent time in the trenches of “the back alleys of aviation,” validated the notion that the variety of one’s life experiences, along with eternally bonding, quality relationships, will always outshine large portfolios and meaningless stuff.
       Ace ventured into the retirement phase with no retirement pension program, but the richness of his aviation experiences and relationships will leave him forever wealthy.


Thanks so much for sharing your story and novel with all of us Ace. I can't wait to read it! Your piloting career was a full one with many twists and turns. It sets a great example for all of us young aviators who want to fly professionally one day. 

Check out Ace's websites and blog below: 

-The Rogue Aviator:
-Dead Tired-Pilot Fatigue:
-Aviation Talk Show:

Thanks again Ace!
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  1. Wow, What a fabulous story. I will definitely check out Ace's book! Thank you for sharing it. More fun reading!

    1. Thanks Karlene! I can't wait to read it when I get the chance

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