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Share Your Story: Kreg Anderson, 18, PPL - Minnesota

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My name is Kreg Anderson, I’m 18 years old and I hail from Alexandria, Minnesota (KAXN). I’m not entirely sure as to how I got so intrigued to aviation, but I will say that living under the traffic pattern definitely played a role. As a young child I would always beg my parents to drive me out to the airport to watch the action, even in the dead of winter. As time progressed and I grew older I began riding my bike out to the airport several days a week. I started to meet the people of the airport, including pilots, mechanics, office staff, the airport manager and linemen. By the time I was 14 I was officially deemed “The Airport Bum” by a couple of airport employees. 

In the summer I was there on a daily basis and spent my time talking to all sorts of people and indulging in as much aeronautical knowledge as I could. It only seemed logical that I would start flight training as soon as possible, and sure enough I did. I began training in a Piper Tomahawk (N2495D) in 2009 at the age of 15. I continued into that fall and took a break that winter. In April of 2010 I turned 16 and I managed to solo and get my driver’s license on the same day, April 27, 2010. Also during that summer I was hired on as “the backup guy” at the local FBO Alexandria Aviation. 

The following summer, in 2011, I managed to grab a part-time lineman job when a position opened at Alex Aviation. Apart from working, I continued to progress towards my PPL and passed my checkride on Friday, September 2, 2011…just a few days before my junior year of high school began. During the summer of 2012 I was able to achieve my tailwheel endorsement while still being employed at Alex Aviation. My plans after graduating from high school this spring are to go up to the University of North Dakota where I will major in Aviation Management.

Apart from being employed by Alexandria Aviation, I am active in EAA Chapter 702 and serve as the “social committee chairman” where I plan group activities and fly-outs. In 2012 a fellow employee and I put together and hosted an airport fly-in/open house for the community. The first annual event drew over 1,000 people and 55 aircraft. We are planning for a 2nd annual fly-in on June 1, if anyone wants to attend!

Through my years of airport bumming I have found that the people involved with aviation have a great passion for what they do and are always willing to take someone in under their wing. Aviation wouldn’t be nearly what it is today if it wasn’t for those people who instill that passion in others. I am very grateful for everyone I have met through aviation and everyone associated with Chandler Field (KAXN) and what they have done for this airport. We have built a strong community here and I look forward to extending our friendship and passion for anyone who has ever dreamt skywards.
P.S. Come hang out with me at Oshkosh this summer!

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Thanks so much for sharing your story Kreg! It's awesome to see someone around the same age who has already done so much in aviation. I saw a whole lot of myself in you through your story. I used to beg my parents to go out to the airport, airshows, or just anything aviation when I was younger! Can't wait to see what you'll do in future years. I'm sure you'll love UND, make sure to stop by and write another story about your experiences there! 

Thanks again Kreg!
Swayne Martin

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  1. Craig, what a great story. You're going to do great! And popping over to your site now. You've got a good plan. NDU is a great school and will fast track you to the airlines. Looking forward to flying with you! For YOU:

    1. Glad that he wrote in for the section! I can't wait to see what kind of training Kreg will be doing in a years time. Hopefully he will come and write back with an update!

      Maybe one day all of our paths will cross!

      Thanks for leaving the comment,
      Swayne Martin

  2. Great post by a young pilot who's so involved with all aspects of flying. Impressed with Kreg's work. Also pleased that he's got a tail wheel endorsement! As someone who's got a ton of taildragger experience, I'd say that is a fun aspect of flying quite missing in today's World.

    1. I was so glad that he wrote in, to the blog, to share his story. I would love to get a taildragger endorsement one day.

      Can't wait to see you share your story post.

      Thanks again,


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