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Share Your Story: Matthew Martin

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Flying has consumed my life. 
After taking a trip to KBNA back when it was still allowed to go past security checkpoints to pick up loved ones from their flights is where my journey has started. 

I was three years old and after seeing my first Southwest Airlines plane up close I knew from then on that flying was going to be the thing for me.  

Since then I have been known to play sports and drop footballs because I mistook three black birds for fighter jets or playing catcher in baseball and just totally going off into left field (pun intended) watching planes on final. 

Not Matthew, but you get the point

I attended the great tennessee airshow in 2012 and saw the plane I will train in at college and told "her" that ill be back for her. 

But here recently I have really got my act together and since flying a piper Seneca with a buddy of mine in November 2012 I have found a promising flight instructor, recieved my ground school study materials and taken my first actual lesson in a simulator in January at smyrna regional airport in middle tennessee. 
And in just the past few weeks while at work, a guy came in and I was nervous to ask him if he was a pilot but I did... And that has made all the difference. He is the lead pilot for the state of tennessee and flies the governor around along with a bunch of other government officials.  He is willing to help me along the way to my ATP and also landing some internships with the state. 

It is looking to me that ill be flying in mid July and hopefully soloing by October.  

I encourage anyone that has the slightest desire to fly to go out and reach for that goal.  I haven't even started my first true lesson and already feel more accomplished then half the people in my grade. 

Thanks so much for sharing your story Matthew! I wish the best of luck for you in your upcoming flight training. I can't wait to see what your first solo will be like!

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Thanks again Matthew!
Swayne Martin

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  1. Matthew, you are on your way to the sky. And you should be proud at all you've done so far in preparation. The best of luck to you! I'll be looking forward to hearing about your solo.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment!

      I too can't wait to see what lays in store for Michael in the future :)

      -Swayne Martin


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