Sunday, January 13, 2013

First Cessna 172 Flight Lesson

Today, I took my second flight lesson. This time I decided to try out a Cessna 172 instead of the Tecnam Sierra P2002. My instructor suggested I try out different aircraft to see what I am the most comfortable with. 

Last week, I definitely enjoyed flying the Tecnam Sierra. My instructor compared it to a sports car because it is so easy to maneuver and light to the touch. You barely have to touch the controls to get it to do something. Having grown up around aviation, I always thought of the Cessna as being THE general aviation aircraft, which it essentially is. That is why I was excited to try it out today. 

Today started with me sitting backseat in a 172 (club plane) observing while my instructor and another man did instrument currency  They did some approaches and really had the chance to fly under IFR because of the low clouds/fog. It was a great experience being able to sit backseat and see how they were doing the instrument navigation (much more advanced than where I am!) 

After about 2 hours, we headed back to the airport and to get the plane into it's hanger and post-flight it. 

I then headed over with my instructor to the rental 172's. I was excited to fly the 172 (to see how it felt vs the Sierra)! We did a pre-flight, pumped in some more aviation fuel and were ready to go. About halfway down the runway, on our rollout, the instructor let go of the controls and said "your plane." I was surprised that I was already doing a takeoff on my second lesson! It was a really cool experience to do that takeoff and really feel how fast those planes can climb. 

Because I was just testing out the plane, there really wasn't any set schedule or instruction. He just let me do what I wanted with the plane. It was sunset and there were some small clouds at our 1,200 flight level. It was SO FUN to do some cloud busting. Flying around through those golden clouds at sunset is something I will never forget. 

Overall, I liked the 172 ok, but I think I will be training with the Tecnam Sierra. I liked how the Sierra was more responsive/light to the touch. 

Hope you all had a great weekend, and got to do some flying, it was really fun for me. I won't forget it! 


  1. What a great day! It's nice that you had a chance to fly both planes and then decide which you want to fly in. I learned in a Cessna 172. Those were the good old days. I love your photos too!!

    1. Thanks Karlene! It was a pretty fun day. It was definitely cool doing my first takeoff (not all me, he did the throttle) but still, really fun!

      Hope all of your flying goes well this week,
      Best of Luck,

  2. Great photos, and great story! I too started in 152's and 172's. In college I flew the Grumman Cheeta. It's a GREAT idea to fly on other people's lessons, esp. more advanced students. It will help you gobs!

    Good job, keep on trainin' n bloggin'!!!

    1. Thanks! I really enjoyed sitting backseat.

      Even though I had essentially no idea what they were doing (instrument stuff is way ahead of me) I thought it was a good experience, and I am always happy to go flying!

      I will keep up with it all :)

  3. You can add me to that list. I got my PPL in a 152, instrument rating in a 172 and commercial in a 210. But it was all Cessna and Piper back then without much else to choose from. Fun memories!

    I love the pics and your stories. Keep them coming!

    1. Thanks, I am glad you enjoy it all!

      I really like going through and reading articles on your blog!

      Many Thanks,


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