Friday, January 18, 2013

Trip to France 2012

Part of this blog is to write about the things which have inspired me in aviation. I thought it might be a good idea to include a few trips I have taken, many of them having inspired me even more to become a pilot.

Over the last summer, I had a great opportunity to go exchange with a friend in France. I would join his family on the island of Noirmoutier, along the Western Coast of France. This trip was the first time I have ever travelled alone. It was a lot of fun to go on a trip and see what it would be like by myself.

Never having flown on Air France, nor an A380, I thought this would be a good chance to do both. I booked my flights from Washington (IAD) to Paris (CDG), Paris (CDG) to Nantes (NTE). Returning, I flew from Nantes to Paris, Paris to New York (JFK), and then from New York (JFK) to my home city.

The legs from IAD-CDG and CDG-JFK were both on Air France A380 F-HPJG. It was incredible to fly on the 380. I booked each leg on the upper deck in the rear economy section. I was excited to fly on the top deck for the first time! Travelling over to France and back I couldn't stop thinking about how much work and technology went into the aircraft. I mean think about it, its the largest plane in the world carrying 500+ people, travelling about 500mph to a city across the Atlantic. I still don't understand how planes like that get into the air, it just seems so impossible. (I mean, I do understand, but it's hard to comprehend)

Anyways, if you have the chance to book a flight on the A380 vs another plane... I would highly recommend going with the A380, its a pretty cool experience. 


  1. I got to tour a Quantas A380 while between my A320 ("mini bus") flights in SFO. Un friggin believeable! Loving the direction the manufacturers are going with the design and looks of the cabin.

    As I've always said, my A320 is a Starship. The A380 is the mother ship, lol!

    Jealous you gotta ride in one! ;)

    1. The aircraft is just amazing when you think about it. I've never been on a 747, so that's my next goal.

      I remember people going up and down the aft stairs for exercise during the flight! Definitely felt like a mothership!


  2. The aircraft is really awesome. Nice trip to france i enjoy it.
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  3. Awesome dude!Hope you had a great experience on the A380! LOL! I was one of those people who walked down and up the stairs!:)

    1. Haha I was too! It was so fun to go between two levels... that plane is incredible!

      Thanks so much,
      Swayne Martin


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