Saturday, June 1, 2013

Flight Report: American Eagle ERJ/EMB-145 ORD to RIC

After a great vacation in California, we began our last leg from Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD) to Richmond International Airport (RIC) aboard an American Eagle ERJ-145. 

There were a lot of thunderstorms around the airport, with lightning striking very close by, even occasionally on the airfield. Because of this, we were delayed arriving and departing from Chicago. 

American Eagle Flight 4047 Information

  • Flight: Chicago O'Hare International (ORD) to Richmond International (RIC) 
  • Flight Time: 1 Hour, 55 Minutes
  • Aircraft: American Eagle ERJ/EMB-145 [N646AE]
  • Seat: 18A, 18B, 18C (lots of open seats, switching around) 

Boarding our plane in Chicago

We had a nice departure out of Chicago, it was no longer raining, but it was still wet everywhere. It almost being sunset, the sky began to turn which was nice. During our ascent, we flew over some of the most incredible clouds I've been in thus far (shown in the photo below). 

Here is the video from our flight of taking off at Chicago O'Hare. You can find more videos like this on my Youtube Channel: MartinsAviation1

American Eagle ERJ/EMB-145 Row 18A and Row 17A

View from row 18 (C), American Eagle EMB-145 

Some fantastic clouds we flew through

Here is the video from our descent through the clouds into RIC: 

Here is our night landing in RIC, it was cool to see all of the runway lights of the airport: 

Thanks for reading and watching!
Swayne Martin

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  1. Swayne, more great videos and photos. A perfect trip. One day you'll be taking a video of the engine when a failure occurs. Fire flashes and sparks will fly. Not a big deal... we train and fly those with out issue. But, you'll have a super cool shot. We'll see it on the news.
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Karlene! Haha that would be an interesting shot. Cool to see when people get footage of that happening.

      Thanks for the comment,


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