Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Plane Shipped to Florida

Over many hours in the cockpit, a pilot kind of develops a love-hate relationship with the plane he/she flies. One discovers all of the good and bad of plane, what one likes, and what one doesn't like. After having done my first solo and cross-country in Tecnam Sierra N14HV, I developed a special bond with the plane.

A week ago, I found out that the plane I've been training in (Tecnam Sierra N14HV) has been shipped from our local flight school to another branch of the same school in Florida. They decided to move it down there due to an influx of international students that needed more planes. After having trained for 5 months in N14HV, it's a little sad to see it go. It will most likely come back, but no one knows when that'll be. It could be a long time. 

From my first solo flight

From my first lesson on, and after having tried out a few other planes, I decided on the Tecnam Sierra to be the plane I would train in. It's a low wing aircraft, has a canopy which can be opened in flight, flies like a sports car, and looks pretty cool. (better looking than it's high-wing counterparts). 

Here are a few in-flight videos in N14HV from my youtube channel MartinsAviation1

My first solo flight in N14HV

So for now, oh well, not much I can really do. For now, I'll be training in N16HV, a Tecnam P92 Eaglet. The Eaglet is essentially the exact same as the Sierra on the inside. The controls are found in the same places and it has the same glass cockpit features. The difference is that N16HV is a high-wing, has no canopy, and in my opinion, is not as "fun" to fly nor looks as good as the Sierra. 

Hopefully one day I'll be back at the controls of N14HV. It'll be a great day when that happens! In the meantime, I'm just happy to be flying anything. My instructor is headed to Air Force Training in a few weeks, so we have set the goal of me doing my first solo cross-country before he leaves. 

I'll have many more posts over the next few weeks. Later in June, I'm flying down to Alabama for a family reunion. I'll be taking a flight lesson out of Jack Edwards Airport if the weather holds!

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  1. I also fly a p92, even though it is the LSA version! Have you already tried to fly with it? It is really a good plane, so don't worry too much!! Think of how beautiful is the landscape you can see without the low wing ;)

    1. Oh cool! And yes, I have. Here is a takeoff video:

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. I still remember the first Aircraft I trained on and it was a Cessna 152 (back then in 1985 you didnt have the kind of choices out there today. N757XS was it's regn number..recent search shows that it has been de-registered. By now, 28 years later it would have been very high time, if it was still flying! Anyway, rest in peace old least I remember you! :)

  3. More research done just now. Found out that in 2001 "my" fav plane 757XS has substantial damage caused by a student pilot solo resulting in write injuries and non fatal for the student. So, it's been a while since the plane has been RIP.


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